Bob “Ole” Olson is a pioneer in the “Maker Movement”.

Legendary surfboard shaper Bob “Ole” Olson was (and still is at 83) a pioneer in the “Maker Movement” long before the term existed. I guess that’s a primary idea behind today’s makers, a rekindled interest in manufacturing with one’s hands. Check out this short video about Bob living a life of passion for making something special.



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12 Year’s a Member of MarketingProfs

MarketingProfs Forum




Celebrating my 12 year anniversary as a MarketingProfs member — joined on May 29, 2002.

Thanks to MarketingProfs, and all the participants on the Know-How Exchange forum, for the years of sharing & learning. There are many brilliant marketing minds that provide excellent advice to a very diverse group of people seeking answers and insights into their marketing challenges. We all learn from one another, and have some fun too. It has been my great pleasure to participate in some 2310 questions on KHE Forum. Check out the forum (I’m currently in the fifth position of the top 25 experts). Maybe you too have a question or an answer for the forum. If you do, welcome aboard.

MarketingProfs Forum

Steve The Marketer

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Everything Going Mobile ..








.. how about a mobile cafe with wi-fi.

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How Story Helps Name Real Estate Developments

Recent question from the KHE forum

What’s the best way to name a real estate development?

Steve Byrne’s Answer:
The problem is too many real estate development names sound alike, making it difficult to distinguish and remember one from another.


One solution involves writing a short story about the place to be developed. For example, there was an upscale housing development being planned for in Southern California. I went to the site and pictured a wild herd of horses led by a beautiful red stallion. The red horse was chased by cowboys into a canyon, and then he magically escapes capture by their lassos.

The short story became “The Legend of Red Horse Canyon” (for sales materials) and the development was named “Red Horse Canyon” (the logo is slightly reminiscent of the Ferrari “horse” logo).

Just one of several ways to approach real estate development naming with a difference.

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